Buddy Strong

     Buddy Strong has been making recordings forever. In fact, he got off to a very good start considering his first recording experience was at the legendary Muscle Shoals Studio. That happened in 1968. Since that time, Buddy has been in the thick of it. As a musician as well, Buddy's record speaks for itself. 
     His first national release was on ABC Records and was recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound with the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section,  Jimmy Johnson engineering. Buddy was on guitar,  David Hood on bass, Roger Hawkins on drums and Barry Becket on piano. 
     Having played in several local bands, he formed Garfeel Ruff in 1974. Garfeel Ruff was signed to Capital Records in 1978 and recorded the first album at Suntreader Studios with Craig Leon (who also produced Blondie, Rodney Crowell, Moon Martin and others ) producing and engineering. It was released in 1979. The song "Purple Satin Lady" (written by Buddy) was a regional hit and reached  No. 2 in the Greenville/Spartanburg, SC area.

     Another project was recorded in Muscle Shoals at Wishbone Studios with Clayton Ivey and Terry Woodford but was never released. Also on that album was Mack MacCanelly, who is now with Jimmy Buffet.
     Buddy also recorded all the incidental music and several original tunes for the soundtrack of the movie ‘The Hitter” (staring Ron O'Neal and Adolph Cesar and released by Kaleidoscope Productions) on Capital Records. Also on the Soundtrack was George Duke and Frankie Beverly.  
     Using the experience gained from these recording experiences, Buddy decided to go into recording as an engineer. He worked at Mark Five Studios from 1983-1988, working with a large variety of artist and styles of music. A sampling of the artist Buddy worked with at Mark Five were The Singing Americans, Truth, Charles Johnson,  Palmetto State Qt., Inspirations, and Anthony Burger.
     Upon leaving Mark Five in 1988, Buddy joined South Eastern Sound, where he remained on staff until becoming an owner in 1991. In the 10 years that South Eastern Sound has been in it's present location, Buddy has produced and/or engineered many different artist such as Albert Hill, Jellyroll Antennae, The Boot Hill Band, CGB, Tigeroar, Lynn Gray Band, Roy Moon, Rudy "Blueshoes" Wyatt, Chris Devido, Lindy and the Night Howlers, Prophecy, Fred Tahoe, The Wayfarers, Zion, The First Baptist Church of Columbia Choir, Stephen Hill, Charlie Miller, Government Mule Christmas Jam 2000, and the list goes on and on.  
     Currently, Buddy is producing and/or engineering projects with SevenMoore (with Paul Riddle and JerryEubanks) Special Edition, Stewart Tingel, Mack McCloud and the Hipshakers and Elizabeth Furnari. 
     So to get the sound that you want, check out Buddy Strong and South Eastern Sound.



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