Our control room is 16' x 24' and is constructed of wood, stone and carpet. It was professionally designed to assure that what you hear in here, is what you will hear outside of it. We offer digital recording.


-Pro Tools HD 2- 24 bit Recording w/128 tracks @
   44.1/48---96 tracks @ 88.2/96 and 
   24 tracks @ 176.4/192
-2-Digidesign 192 HD Converters
-1-Digidesign SYNC controller
-Mac G4 w/ 1 gig Dual Processor
-2-17" Apple Studio Flat Screens
-325 Gig's of Hard Drives

-Pro Tools Plug-Iins From Digidesign, Focusrite, 
   Channelstrip, TC Electronics, Amp Farm, Antares,
   Waves and more
-Mac G4 w/ 400 Processor
-15" Apple Studio Flat Screen
-54 Gig Hard Drive
-Digidesign M-Box
-Cable Harnessing-Monster Cable
-Tascam 3700 Console
-Meyers HD1 Monitors
-NHT Studio Reference Monitors
-DBX 576 Tube Pre Amp w/ Tube Compressor
AVALON 737sp tube preamp-compressor 
dbx 576 tube preamp-compressor
-Manley/Langevin Pre Amp
-Motu Digital Timepiece
-2 Marantz CD Recorders
-Alesis Masterlink
-Tascam 30 DAT Machine
-Panasonic 3700 DAT
-TASCAM BR-20 1/4" 2 track machine
-DBX 166 Compressors

-LA-4 Compressor


South Eastern Sound Studio 4880 Earle E. Morris Hwy., Easley, SC
(864) 269-2540 info@sesound.net